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Our goal with this MDK clothing shop is both support Mitch and raise awareness about pediatric cancer, especially Ewing's.


The prices on the items in Mitch's shop have been set as close to cost as possible because people have already been so incredibly generous through donations. Mitch is excited about raising awareness about Ewing's and having people wearing his gear will hopefully be a start in accomplishing that goal.

A very special thank you to Sean Lindo and Kirhofer's Sports for his incredible care and generosity in creating this team shop.

Delivery/Pick-Up: You will see two options as you check-out of the store. One option is home delivery which will be at an additional charge. The other option is to pick it up at no additional cost. We will let everyone know about the pick-up options once the merchandise is delivered. Our plan is to have pick-ups at various locations in Naperville to accommodate the various groups who order (high school, junior high, soccer, etc.).


Thanks again for supporting Mitch through your generosity in both donations and in purchasing items from the shop!

Be sure to check out the front and back of the t-shirt and hat designs!



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